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We offer a wide range of services designed to support companies at every, or any, stage of the export process. Our services can be individually selected to provide tailored support depending on our clientsí requirements.

Our team has lived and breathed the work they do for their clients which places them in a unique position to help.

Our range of services includes:

Market Planning

  • Market Research and surveys
  • Strategic planning
  • Establishment of overseas offices
  • Management structure and process development
  • Logistics and shipping
  • Interim management

Dealer Development

  • Search and appointments of agents/dealers
  • Recruitment and interviewing
  • Training - sales, product, management
  • Aftermarket support
  • Marketing support
  • Agent/Dealer Benchmarking

"Roger, Ray and Andy make a formidable team. Their combined experience, skills and knowledge are invaluable resources for any business looking to develop overseas."
- Gordon Smith, GUNN JCB

What we do

"Breaking in to many export markets can be both costly and time consuming. I wish we could have found someone like ESP when we started up. Iím sure it would have saved us time, money and a lot of frustration."

What we do